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Click Radios To Listen! I sat in for a couple of weeks on SoCal's KNEWS Radio. It was an audition for their afternoon drivetime host position. Now I have never been a Talk Radio host. I've guest-hosted as a Sports-Talk guy, and I've sat in and co-hosted on Boston's WRKO. But, the idea of being a

KNEWS - Palm Springs: Happy

KNEWS – Palm Springs: Happy “420!”

Yep...this was April 20th. The magical "420" holiday. So, I spent the day discussing/advocating the legalization of Marijuana. The idea that so many people are dying in border clashes. And money wasted putting people in prison for Marijuana, when alcohol is far more destructive to American cultu

KNEWS - Palm Springs: The Pussification Of America.

KNEWS – Palm Springs: The Pussification Of America.

This is a pretty personal issue for me. I feel old every time I bring it up. But...we're at the point where I'm tired of hearing about how the system is being dumbed down to accommodate every individual on the planet. During this show, I found out that funding for Summer School education in the

KNEWS -  Palm Springs: Guns!!!!!

KNEWS – Palm Springs: Guns!!!!!

This show focused on the notion that restrictive gun laws will reduce crime. California is surrounded by states with some of the most lenient gun laws in America. It also has a serious budget issue. To the point that Police & Fire services are now being cut. So, I asked the question; Do you

KNEWS -  Palm Springs: Immigration

KNEWS – Palm Springs: Immigration

Yeah...I tried to avoid the issue. It seemed too easy to do a show about immigration in Southern California. I had every intention of wrapping up my stint on the station by doing "ADD Radio;" A series of light-hearted, fun stories to entertain. I started with the Brett Michaels story... But t

KNEWS Afternoons 4/13/10

KNEWS Afternoons 4/13/10

Here's day two of my foray into Talk Radio. This show was a lot of fun. Talked about the fact that most Americans (myself included) are woefully uninformed. We've heard a lot about the "Tea Party" group of Americans. But...I have no idea what they're really all about. So, I embarked on a journey

KNEWS Afternoons 4/12/10

KNEWS Afternoons 4/12/10

Here's the first of two days of shows I did for KNEWS in SoCal. "The Desert's News Talk Superstation!" It was an odd situation as the company owns stations all over the country. The closest to me being 65 miles away in Topeka. So...I drove out there and sat in their Topeka property's production