Category: Palm Springs KNEWS - The Desert's News Talk Superstation!

I sat in for a couple of weeks on SoCal’s KNEWS Radio. It was an audition for their afternoon drivetime host position. Now I have never been a Talk Radio host. I’ve guest-hosted as a Sports-Talk guy, and I’ve sat in and co-hosted on Boston’s WRKO. But, the idea of being a Talk Radio guy had never occurred to me. So, when they asked me to sit in, I took the opportunity. I’m glad I did. It was a really good time. I got offered the job. But, we just couldn’t make it happen economically. Southern California is an extremely expensive place to live. I wish we’d have been able to make it work. Perhaps Talk Radio is an avenue I should explore more? We’ll see. Hope you enjoy the shows. I think they turned out better than I’d have anticipated.