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After 8 successful years in Mornings, and due to the retirement of my on-air partner, you can now listen to the #1 Midday Radio Program in Phoenix, weekdays, from 10a – 3p (AZ Time) on Phoenix’ Classic Rock Station: 100.7 KSLX

Had a nice 4-year run in 2010 as Program Director for the 43-year Heritage Rock Station: 93.3 KDKB (now Alt-AZ) in Phoenix Arizona! (R.I.P.)

Prior to this, I was the top rated Afternoon radio personality for over 5 years in Kansas City, MO. Before that…Afternoons in Boston, Afternoons in Sacramento, Mornings in Columbus, OH, Afternoons in New Orleans, Afternoons in Memphis…and so on…and so on. I’ve also done appearances on various Talk, and Sports-Talk stations, and been an NFL analyst. All of which, can be heard in the Radio Archive.

This is my little spot in the infinite world of the internet. I invite you to spend all of your free time here, instead of that porn site you’re really looking at on the other tab. As a matter of fact…I offer my page as cover for the tab you’re hiding . Take some time, and roam around the site. It’s constantly being updated, and new stuff is added (almost) daily.

Where do I begin?

I’m a 37 year Radio Jerk. On the showbiz ladder, right at the bottom is Rodeo Clown. One rung up is Radio Clown…and only because I don’t fit into the barrel.

I was thrown out of State College in Massachusetts…twice.

Because I didn’t go to class…and set the bar at a legendary level when it comes to f*cking off! However, it worked out pretty good. Because, while most of the people I went to school with, aren’t doing sh*t with their precious degree. This kid is doing the exact same thing I did in school…and they give me a check for it.

I’ve won multiple industry awards, and am humbled by the accolades. I’ve been fortunate to have met & interviewed some of the biggest names in Rock. Some, have even (allegedly) enjoyed the experience.

Let me answer your first question:

are you the same Paul Marshall that I used to listen to on…”

Probably. Here is a list of stations I’ve worked for (in chronological order):

  • WDJM-FM (college radio): “The Metro-West Alternative”
  • WZLX-FM (Boston): “Boston’s Classic Rock”
  • WHDH-AM (Boston): “News/Talk 850”
  • WHEB-FM (Portsmouth): “Rock ‘n Roll 100.3”
  • WAAF-FM (Boston): “The Only Station That Really Rocks!”
  • WRNX-FM (Amherst): “Renaissance Rock For The Pioneer Valley” (WHAT???)…I did one overnight here, and quit. They still owe me pay. YOU OWE ME PAY!
  • WMFS-FM (Memphis): When it was “Solid Rock 92.9 MFS”
  • WCKW-FM (New Orleans): When it was “Rock 92.3”
  • WEGE-FM (Columbus, OH): When it was “Eagle 103.9”
  • KRXQ-FM (Sacramento): “98 Rock”
  • WAAF-FM (Boston): “If it Rocks…it’s 107.3 WAAF!”
  • WBCN-FM (Boston): When it was “The Rock of Boston”
  • KQRC-FM (Kansas City): “The Rock!”
  • KDKB-FM (Phoenix): When it was“93-3 KDKB Rocks Arizona!”
  • KSLX-FM (Phoenix): “The Valley’s Classic Rock Station!”

Anyone concerned that stations I’m on, tend to not be around any more?

I have been in Playboy (August ’05 – pg. 84), & FHM Magazines. Seen on Fox’ “Under The Helmet,” HBO’s “Inside The NFL,” and am featured in the film “Raider Nation.” I co-hosted  the film “Lethal Weapon” for New Orleans’ WB-38, and am also featured prominently in Univision’s commercial for their Oakland Raiders coverage. Finally, I was an analyst on Sacramento California’s ABC-affiliate’s post “Monday Night Football” sports show: “The Red Zone,”

That almost qualifies as having somewhat of a career…

As far as my name…Neanderpaul isn’t just a stupid radio name…It’s me. In 7th grade…Some kid thought it’d be funny to call me that, when I was an overgrown adolescent. Now, I’m 6’1″, 270 lbs of perpetual adolescence. And according to Six Flags Theme Parks, I’m a “person of unusual proportions.”

Yes ladies…size matters.

I drink ridiculous amounts of Pepsi Zero. I love all kinds of music. I follow the Raiders, & Boston Bruins. I play guitar (poorly), bass guitar (slightly less than poorly), can hold some rhythm on drums, and sang in a band in the late 80’s. I ride. I ride American. I have nothing against metric bikes. In fact, I think some of them are better-made than my American sled. But, I chose Harley Davidson. And I believe in loyalty.

I have 2 dogs that I rescued, and given the opportunity, would save them all.

That’s about it. If have any questions, or wanna know something more…E-Mail Me!

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