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This was the station that I grew up listening to. I’m proud to say I got to work for them. Two hours after being fired by WAAF, WBCN gave me a job! Born in 1968…one of the first Rock stations in America. The station is gone now. It is one of the tragedies of the radio business. I have friends that I grew up with that hate the fact that I got to work there and they didn’t. (Hi John!)

WBCN Boston: Afternoon Fill-in Guy

In a legitimate attempt to answer the eternal question: “Who are the biggest geeks of all-time (Star Wars? KISS? Narnia? Harry Potter?) Here’s an example of yours-truly, doing an afternoon shift on WBCN. It was always awkward to fill in on ‘BCN. Because everyone there knew I needed a full-time job, and I know the uneasy feeling existed. That’s what radio is…everyone trying to save their ass. While someone’s looking to take their gig. I wasn’t I liked everyone at WBCN, and felt awkward almost every time I had to work. They were good people. I hope they’re all well now that the station’s gone.