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Welcome to Neanderpaul.com!

Feel free to roam around, and check out tons of audio from the stations I’ve been a part of over the years. Or, and I use the term loosely, enjoy Neanderpaul TV! A collection of videos from the show.


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KSLX: Phoenix – Brady

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You hate him. *I* hate him. You’d love to have him on your team. He’s the best of all time.

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KSLX: Phoenix – Michael Floyd Files

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(Former) Arizona Cardinals WR, Michael Floyd hasn’t had the best of weeks. It’s sort of a “good news / bad news” scenario for us. We hate to see anyone go through a tough time like this. But…it’s our *duty* to attempt to make light of the world. Even if it stings a bit. And so…we’ve received *so* many requests for these tunes, we thought it only proper to upload them for you.


(Sorry Michael…good luck wherever you land.)

“A Bad Day In The Life Of Michael Floyd”


“The Wreck Of Michael Floyd”


“Another Floyd”

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KSLX: Phoenix – Christmas In Phoenix

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Well…it’s the “most wonderful time of the year” again in Phoenix. We took the opportunity to both recognize our local culture, *and* say goodbye to an Arizona institution. One last shot for outgoing Sheriff Joe Arpaio!

Oh…and can we *please* knock it off with the “man buns?”


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KSLX: Phoenix – Happy Birthday Larry Fitzgerald

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He’s as great as *any* WR to play the game. So, Mark & I thought it only proper to wish him a “Happy Birthday!”

…admit it, you’ve taken a gander too.

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