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kidWelcome to!

Feel free to roam around, and check out tons of audio from the stations I’ve been a part of over the years. Or, and I use the term loosely, enjoy Neanderpaul TV! A collection of videos from the show.


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26 years…

That’s how long it’s taken me to get here. And last night, I had a moment that reminds me why I do this.

I have to set it up…

In 1985, I was in attendance at the WBCN Rock n’ Roll Expo @ the Bayside Exposition Center in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood. This was a sort of trade show that masked itself as  a cool event where one could go and see a bunch of concerts and buy records. Now that I’m older, I understand that it was a client “job fair” where they could try to sell their gear. The programming folks at WBCN knew they needed to get some bands in there to get listeners to come.  I had no clue who any of them were at the time. I was just happy to see my favorite Rock station in my neighborhood. It was close enough that we could walk there.

So, I go.

I walked around the cent...

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One of the jokes of my radio career has been how I never wanted the responsibility of having people’s professional lives to be subject to my scrutiny. I’ve never had any interest in being the guy who had to decide who gets to eat and who doesn’t.

In my new position as Program Director for a 100,000 watt Rock station in America’s 5th largest city, I have come to truly understand the term “You never know who’s listening.” I’ve received calls from the widest variety of people, with the widest tastes in music that I’ve ever known. I’ve also had to, by definition of my job, monitor and keep cognizant of anything we may broadcast that could be in violation of FCC, community, or company standards. I am ultimately responsible for everything that comes out of the speakers of our station.

I’ve also ...

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And NOW….It begins.

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Welcome to the blagh part of the site. I have been so slammed with KDKB stuff, that quite frankly, I’ve slacked on keeping you in the loop on my own site. Priorities. They can be a bitch.

As you may, or may not know, I’ve been hired to be the Program Director for 93.3 KDKB in Phoenix, Arizona.

It’s a pretty amazing opportunity, and the focus that I’ve been applying to the station over the past ten weeks, has really begun to pay off. We took a real close look at what the station has been historically, and what the listeners of Phoenix Rock radio expected from us, and have now put together what we hope is what Phoenix wants to hear.

To give you a bit of background…Imagine the Rock station where you live. Is it new? Or, has it been there since before you were born? KDKB has been here in Phoe...

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Update!..Live from the Valley Of The Sun!

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Been a bit since I’ve updated you. Why not now?

So far, life in the Valley couldn’t be finer! I love Phoenix! It is truly beautiful. Palm trees n’ cacti everywhere, and I haven’t seen a cloudy day since the drive here. Yeah…we get the occasional sudden thunderstorm. Here they’re referred to as “monsoons.” But they’re not like the ones you see in the Philippines.  I have yet to experience my first “haboob.” Go ahead and Google it. Apparently they happen only in the Mideast, and desert Southwest. And yeah…it IS a dry heat.

Before you dismiss that as something to be minimized, I’d like you to do an experiment for me. Right now…get up and go to your oven and set it at 110 degrees. I’ll wait.

…ok while we wait for the oven to preheat, I gotta tell you, life at KDKB is a blast so far...

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