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Welcome to the site! This is the section where I blather on about my world. Occasionally, I may rant about something that annoys me. Usually, that stuff ends up on the Facebook page. First...I've *finally* updated the Phoenix archive. Lots of new stuff from the past year or so to hear. Inc

26 years... That's how long it's taken me to get here. And last night, I had a moment that reminds me why I do this. I have to set it up... In 1985, I was in attendance at the WBCN Rock n' Roll Expo @ the Bayside Exposition Center in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood. This was a sort of

One of the jokes of my radio career has been how I never wanted the responsibility of having people's professional lives to be subject to my scrutiny. I've never had any interest in being the guy who had to decide who gets to eat and who doesn't. In my new position as Program Director for a 1

And NOW....It begins.

And NOW….It begins.

Welcome to the blagh part of the site. I have been so slammed with KDKB stuff, that quite frankly, I've slacked on keeping you in the loop on my own site. Priorities. They can be a bitch. As you may, or may not know, I've been hired to be the Program Director for 93.3 KDKB in Phoenix, Arizona

Update!..Live from the Valley Of The Sun!

Update!..Live from the Valley Of The Sun!

Been a bit since I've updated you. Why not now? So far, life in the Valley couldn't be finer! I love Phoenix! It is truly beautiful. Palm trees n' cacti everywhere, and I haven't seen a cloudy day since the drive here. Yeah...we get the occasional sudden thunderstorm. Here they're referred to

Hooray For New Orleans!

Hooray For New Orleans!

What's up?? I'm so happy for the city of New Orleans! Just great people who deserve the happiness they're feeling right now. And it's good to see Drew Brees finally get his...All the mediots talked about was how great Peyton Manning is. They overlooked the guy who's been the most productiv

The Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame is Bullsh*t!

The Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame is Bullsh*t!

Figured this might be a great time to get this off my chest. The Hall Of Fame is bullsh*t! First of all, music is not a competition, but we somehow need to label it as such and bestow upon a segment of the artists that have created amazing music via their talent, and creativity, and some who