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Here’s where I put all the electronic music that I’ve made.  I used a loop-based program that contains hundreds of samples. I played absolutely nothing on these tracks. However, the results are that I’ve proven how little musical ability it takes to actually make a record! This is slightly above video game musical proficiency. But…just barely!

I wrote and arranged everything using little slices of audio. The results are a CD quality collection of electronic music. Hope you enjoy!

What Does This Do?

This was literally the first thing I ever wrote using loop-based music programming. I had no idea where I was going, or what I was doing with it. This turned out to be my favorite piece. I think everything else I’ve done, has sort of  been chasing this. Lots of stuff layered in, and really fun to do. I really should get some more sample discs though. I literally had a basic sample CD, and one of slightly more Electronica stuff. Spent a few hours playing around and came up with what you’re hearing. Hope you enjoy!

Pick Up Line Hum

This was my attempt to create an example of a cool piece of “Electronica ” based upon a humming undertone that carried through the entire piece. My favorite part of this is the random sax solo. I have no idea why I thought it needed a sax solo. But…I think it worked. Now, there appears to be an entire radio format, dedicated to this sound. Who knew?

What If Dave Matthews Rocked?

I only called this anything to do with Dave, because I thought the acoustic guitar lines sounded like something he’d write. Again…I’m using just two discs of samples, and trying to do something with a bit of variety.  This is more “Rock” based than the other stuff.  I wanted to do something a bit more down tempo. The majority of the techno dance stuff is at (I think) 120 bpm. So…I slowed down a bit and added a bit of dynamics.  Lots of layered little guitar things you have to really listen for. And again…great funky bass samples.

What The Funk?

One of the cool things I found on the program that I used was a wealth of funky bass lines. So, I decided to bring the funk a bit.  Dropped a bit of scratching in there too. Just to drop some street….oh I don’t know what I was thinking. Yes, I do. I was thinking “Hey…this might sound cool!” There you go.