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Here's where I live these days. Phoenix' original Rock station for over 40 years! Van Halen, Motley, AC/DC, Ozzy, STP, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden. Our purpose is simple: 93-3 KDKB Rocks Arizona! I am the Program Director & do weekdays 3-7P Click Image/Radios To Listen!

KDKB: Phoenix -Candlebox Does The Hang

These guys have always been *so* cool to talk to. One of those bands that I sort of "grew up" with during my career. In fact, they are the example of what *not* to do, when playing in front of 300 of the most influential people in Rock Radio. It's a long story...and Kevin explains it right here. Enj

KDKB: Phoenix – Metallica’s Robert Trujillo!

Always great to sit and shoot it with Roberto. He's a class act from the word "go." During this particular chat, we talk about how Metallica spent (and we now know, lost) $18,000,000 on "Through The Never." Plus, only the best Bass players can make one note, sound fantastic. Robert is one of those g

KDKB: Phoenix – Stephen Pearcy from RATT

I recently rediscovered RATT. One of those bands that I've had all their CDs on the shelf, but rarely listen. Not for any specific reason. I just sort of overlook them. I think that's a microcosm of the band right there. They were really big. Right up there with Motley, and Poison, and Def Leppard.

KDKB: Phoenix – Brother Jesse Dupree

Always love talking to Jesse. One of my true friends. He's one of the few guys, you can just say "Hi Jesse!" and let him go! Click To Listen!

KDKB: Phoenix – Ian Astbury II

If you've ever listened to my show over the years, you know how much I love the Cult. I've had a good relationship with the band over the years,  which I'm told, is rare. Guitarist Billy Duffy is one of the most laid back dudes you'll ever meet. Just goes with the flow. On the other hand, Ian,

KDKB: Phoenix – Geezer Butler Apparently Parties In The Afternoon

This was a weird one. It took me a while to get him on the phone. It was like a cocktail party, or something. I've been lucky enough have met Geezer a couple of times. He is the most polite, gracious, English gentleman. I'm always impressed with how he handles the monotony of doing radio intervi

KDKB: Phoenix – Eddie Trunk Name Drops…Shocking!

I kid Eddie every time we talk. I have been called "Eddie Trunk" on occasion. I don't think it's a compliment. It comes down to passion for the music. Eddie's got it. I've got it. Given my nerd-like devotion to that style of music, I am often asked why I'm not a co-host on "That Metal Show." "Yo

KDKB: Phoenix – Dave Ellefson Hangs Out

Dave's an interesting guy. He's clearly smart. He can play better than most of his contemporaries. He's in a legendary band. Still...I sense a bit of disconnect with it all. He makes it seem so effortless, that it comes off as if none of it matters. It's actually impressive. 30-plus years in, an

KDKB: Phoenix – Sublime w/Rome

Here's what I love about Sublime: They write some of the most lyrically inappropriate music that gets played on radio all over the world. Seriously...Listen to some of the stuff they're singing about. But, as long as it's set to a nice, Ska-beat, all is forgiven. I was one of those people that never

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