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KQRC: Kansas City – Duff McKagan & Loaded

Duff McKagan is a busy guy! This comes from 2009’s Summer tour with his band Loaded. Velvet Revolver remain in a holding pattern I thought they would have worked out their singer thing by now. But, it turns out Slash is doing a solo project (which is AWESOME BTW). This was a fun interview. Duff tells the tale of getting a tat from a tweaker, and the zany, wacky, madcap, side-splitting, gut-busting radio jocularity ensues!

KQRC: Kansas City – Brother Zakk (again?)

Yet another visit from Black Label Brother, Zakk Wylde! Always good when he checks in to the show! Especially given the fact that around this time, it was being reported that BLS were done, and Zakk was going through some hard times personally. Later, we’d find out he was out of Ozzy’s band! *I* got the first phone call with him on that day. You can find that interview elsewhere on the site

KQRC: Kansas City – Introducing The Parlor Mob

Here’s a band out of New Jersey that may, or may not make it. I like them. They have a great CD called “And You Were A Crow” that you should go pick up if you can find it. We had them come in to Kansas City and put them in front of a festival crowd and they went over great! Keep an ear out for new stuff from these guys. A band worth checking out…assuming they last!