KNEWS – Palm Springs: The Pussification Of America.

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This is a pretty personal issue for me. I feel old every time I bring it up. But…we’re at the point where I’m tired of hearing about how the system is being dumbed down to accommodate every individual on the planet. During this show, I found out that funding for Summer School education in the Coachella Valley had been cut. Thereby making the availability limited to those who “really need it.” Which made me wonder; When the hell did Summer School become an acceptable endeavor? Summer School is not supposed to be a reward…or an option to utilize to get ahead. Summer School is what happens when you screw up so badly during the school year, that you are faced with either giving up your Summer vacation to make up credit, or repeat the failed grade again. That’s it. It’s not state-sponsored Summer camp. So…after I rip the “Birther Movement” in the first segment, I get into the discussion…

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