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KNEWS Afternoons 4/13/10

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Here’s day two of my foray into Talk Radio. This show was a lot of fun. Talked about the fact that most Americans (myself included) are woefully uninformed. We’ve heard a lot about the “Tea Party” group of Americans. But…I have no idea what they’re really all about. So, I embarked on a journey of discovery. I was surprised at what I found. You might want to take a listen. What’s happening in some parts of country is a real reason for concern. I also hammer those people who are so quick to pull the “Socialism” card when they’re asked to pick up the check.

Part I:

Part II: The Tea Party discussion continues…And I bring up something of real concern. The authorized assassination of an American citizen. Read that again. The U.S. Government has authorized the killing of an American citizen.  The fact that this isn’t a massive national story is stunning to me. I touch on it in this hour and really get into it in the third hour.

Part III: In the third & final hour, we wrap up the Tea Party talk, and then…I expose an article I read in the NY Times about how the U.S. government has authorized the assassination of an American citizen. Yes. It is true. And I am truly embarrassed to be an American after reading it. A bit of truth came out about how our country might be going the wrong way. In this instance: Absolutely. Enjoy.

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KNEWS Afternoons 4/12/10

Category: Palm Springs KNEWS - The Desert's News Talk Superstation!

Here’s the first of two days of shows I did for KNEWS in SoCal. “The Desert’s News Talk Superstation!” It was an odd situation as the company owns stations all over the country. The closest to me being 65 miles away in Topeka. So…I drove out there and sat in their Topeka property’s production room, and linked up digitally to their station in Palm Springs, and pretended to be there. Yep. I think I pulled it off. This was a bit awkward as It was a completely new & unfamiliar endeavor. But…when it was all over I had a lot of fun, and think I did well.  Give a listen…tell me what you think.

Part I: I opened up with offering myself completely for scrutiny, and discussing tolerance and diversity. Tying it in with self-segregation. A bit deep to start. Not sure it went well. I also threw the grenade at “Media Responsibility.” A local court reporter called the radio station on the day that the jury in a trial she was assigned to, got the case and were deliberating the sentencing. She felt the need to call the same station I was on, and vent about the defendants, who are charged with the senseless beating-death of a 66-year old ex-Marine. Now defense attorneys are attempting to use this call as an excuse for a mistrial. “Jury tampering” etc.  You also get a look inside my head with regard to the penal system.

PartII: Here I continue the discussion on how the Media can often times overstep, and potentially affect the real world in a detrimental way. I am embarrassed, and sometimes offended by how the industry I’ve made my living in for almost 25 years behaves. I take some big shots internally, and it’s a risk considering they’re looking to hire someone. I make no apologies. And then…the show goes into an area I’m personally passionate about. And that is, the ignorant masses who have painted the Pit Bull Terrier as this vicious animal. Nothing could be further from the truth, and I do my best to make this clear. It’s not the dog. It’s the owner’s responsibility.  Some people are extremely uninformed. I hoped to establish that I am unlike most Talk Radio hosts. I want to present both sides of an issue and let people make up their own minds…go figure! The genesis of the story is a woman in Riverside, CA. whose infant child had his testicles bitten off by two Pit Bulls. Both dogs were euthanized. The mother (rightfully) has lost custody of her child .

Part III:

The Pit Bull discussion continues. Lots of calls and differing viewpoints. In the end…a baby is junkless, two dogs are dead, and an unfit mother has lost her right to be a parent…for now. There’s no law against breeding humans. Perhaps there should be. That was day one…Enjoy!

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