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Listen as I sit in on Kansas City’s Sports Radio Station as both a guest, and guest-host.

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KCSP Kansas City (610 Sports) Afternoon Roundtable #1

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Here’s a fun “roundtable” on 610 Sports’ Chris & Cowboy Show. Once again I was asked to take part, along with featured guest; former NFL 2-time Superbowl Champion & former NY Giant/GB Packer/Seattle Seahawk/KC Chiefs defensive back, Mark Collins. It was “Raider Week” in Kansas City. As a huge Oakland Raiders fan, I was asked to hang and discuss the game and the history of the rivalry and why the Raiders are (were) considered the scourge of the NFL.  Is it me or were they keeping my microphone level lower? 🙂

Part II – In this segment, we break down the Raiders-Chiefs game in detail and make the case for JaMarcus Russell being the worst QB….Ever! I even engage in the cardinal sin for Raiders fans; Criticizing Al Davis!!! Check out the kid’s analysis of game strategies, and player breakdowns. I…am the only guy to bring up JaMarcus Russell’s BIGGEST flaw: Ball Security. Holla!

Part III – In this segment, we find out that players DO listen to Sports-Talk and read everything written. And they use it for motivation. We also get into a discussion about coaches using “bulletin board material” & players’ Twitter accounts. Smack talk between players and what happens on the field during games. We RIP the “prevent defense,” and then we all pick the Raiders.  We were all correct! 😉

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  is Sport-Radio something I should think about?

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KCSP Kansas City (610 Sports) Afternoon Roundtable #2

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radio1 Here’s one of the aforementioned “round table” sessions with 610 Sports’ Chris & Cowboy” show. I was asked to be a guest, and until my release by the Rock, appeared almost weekly. This show focused on the NFL’s AFC West, and hindsight is hilarious because we all thought Denver was going to suck. At this point,  both the KC Chiefs, and Oakland Raiders looked to be better than they really are. This was before the Chiefs cut Amani Toomer, and the crushing career-ending injury to Lorenzo Neal.  We also talked about Michael Vick, and female sideline reporters. Sexist? Well…yeah!!!!

Part II – The Michael Vick Situation. We talk at length about what Michael Vick’s return to the NFL means, and the various potential ramifications. Both positive & negative. At this point, he hadn’t been signed. Ironically, I mention Randall Cunningham, and he ends up an Eagle. Coincidence? Actually…textbook definition.

Part III-Let’s talk about sex. The Erin Andrews nude tape had just leaked and it brought to light the question: “Why is there always a hot, sexy female on (almost) every sports broadcast?”

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KCSP Kansas City (610 Sports) Midday Fill-In

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So, when I was in Kansas City, the company I worked for owned 8 stations in 1 building. One of which, was a Sports-talk station. I was very friendly with everyone who worked there, and as you can hear elsewhere in this archive, would sit in on the station’s weekly round table discussions. So…one day, I’m in the bathroom, and the station’s Program Director asked me if I wanted to do a fill-in for their midday guy. He had a personal matter to attend to, and they needed someone. I said “sure!” and after getting my boss’ OK, proceeded to do the gig. These (unfortunately low quality compressed) clips are the result. Enjoy!

Hour One: I discuss what constitutes a “sport,”  and if fans in KC are paying more attention to college football due to the fact that Chiefs haven’t been good. Briefly touch on the Shawn Merriman situation.  And get into this; “are KU, MU & K-State legitimate national college football powers? If so…” Took some calls….Enjoy!

Hour Two: Ever heard of “Chess-Boxing?”It’s a sport! In this hour, I discuss the correlation between economics and the performance of the pro sports teams. And whether the media’s portrayal of Kansas City as a “small market” influences a franchise’s ability to sign “superstar players.” I also go through a list of some guys that could help the Chiefs. And in hindsight, they need to sign some of them 🙂 Again, this was pre-season and I literally laugh at Denver Broncos fans. Who knew they were going to be good? None of us. And yes…I take some calls. And attempt to predict the 2009 Kansas City Chiefs season. (I went 6-10…get it 610 Sports???) Nah…I’m not that smart. I was ALMOST spot on with the Chiefs beating the Cowboys. Except…they blew it. My prediction was that the Chiefs get their first win in Jacksonville. We’ll see if I know my shtuff!

Some have suggested I get into Sports Radio.  Your thoughts?

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