KCSP Kansas City (610 Sports) Afternoon Roundtable #2

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Here’s one of the aforementioned “round table” sessions with 610 Sports’ Chris & Cowboy” show. I was asked to be a guest, and until my release by the Rock, appeared almost weekly. This show focused on the NFL’s AFC West, and hindsight is hilarious because we all thought Denver was going to suck. At this point,  both the KC Chiefs, and Oakland Raiders looked to be better than they really are. This was before the Chiefs cut Amani Toomer, and the crushing career-ending injury to Lorenzo Neal.  We also talked about Michael Vick, and female sideline reporters. Sexist? Well…yeah!!!!

Part II – The Michael Vick Situation. We talk at length about what Michael Vick’s return to the NFL means, and the various potential ramifications. Both positive & negative. At this point, he hadn’t been signed. Ironically, I mention Randall Cunningham, and he ends up an Eagle. Coincidence? Actually…textbook definition.

Part III-Let’s talk about sex. The Erin Andrews nude tape had just leaked and it brought to light the question: “Why is there always a hot, sexy female on (almost) every sports broadcast?”