KCSP Kansas City (610 Sports) Afternoon Roundtable #1

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Here’s a fun “roundtable” on 610 Sports’ Chris & Cowboy Show. Once again I was asked to take part, along with featured guest; former NFL 2-time Superbowl Champion & former NY Giant/GB Packer/Seattle Seahawk/KC Chiefs defensive back, Mark Collins. It was “Raider Week” in Kansas City. As a huge Oakland Raiders fan, I was asked to hang and discuss the game and the history of the rivalry and why the Raiders are (were) considered the scourge of the NFL.  Is it me or were they keeping my microphone level lower? 🙂

Part II – In this segment, we break down the Raiders-Chiefs game in detail and make the case for JaMarcus Russell being the worst QB….Ever! I even engage in the cardinal sin for Raiders fans; Criticizing Al Davis!!! Check out the kid’s analysis of game strategies, and player breakdowns. I…am the only guy to bring up JaMarcus Russell’s BIGGEST flaw: Ball Security. Holla!

Part III – In this segment, we find out that players DO listen to Sports-Talk and read everything written. And they use it for motivation. We also get into a discussion about coaches using “bulletin board material” & players’ Twitter accounts. Smack talk between players and what happens on the field during games. We RIP the “prevent defense,” and then we all pick the Raiders.  We were all correct! 😉

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  is Sport-Radio something I should think about?

5 comments to KCSP Kansas City (610 Sports) Afternoon Roundtable #1

  • joe  says:

    of course if you can try your hand at sports radio. go for it. you have a great mind for sports, a great speaker. and know your music also.

  • Lee Oxford  says:

    For sure you should! Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy listening to your music knowledge, but you could bring your great radio personality to an otherwise boring and repetitive genre. I think you could make sports radio more enjoyable.

  • Chris  says:

    Sports radio sucks in KC,You could make sports radio enjoyable with a ROCK attitude.

  • brian cramer  says:

    ABSOLUTELY paul, your knowledge of the NFL is exceptional!! i would put you right up there with me!! LOL seriously though, if i was you.. i would push for a position on sports talk radio!! question is, is all the local sports talk radio stations owned by entercom? but i think you should go for it!!! chin up brother, good things are just around the corner for ya!!

  • Matt Shipers  says:

    Absolutely man, you have a good knowledge of the game, which is clear the original guys on the roundtable dont. Even during the Raiders/Chiefs week you showed an unbiased opinion and just good game knowledge and all around league knowledge for that matter. That is hard to find in sports radio. Your ear for music is damn near unbeatable but you really do have something with the sports radio as well.

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