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I Have Been Fired From Worse Jobs Than Radio!

I Have Been Fired From Worse Jobs Than Radio!

Click the Image To Enlarge. I did time as a "mobile DJ" for a while. I hosted Karaoke Nights & did weddings and dances and parties, and dealt with drunken family members who couldn't sing, and got pulled over for "drunk driving" when my little Dodge Aries K station wagon was overloaded wi

1996 - WNOR Norfolk, VA - Take I

1996 – WNOR Norfolk, VA – Take I

There was a time, when I was sending demos out every day for months. I hit up this station several times. In fact, I recently applied for their Morning Show position after I got capped in Kansas City.

1996 - WNOR - Norfolk, VA Take II

1996 – WNOR – Norfolk, VA Take II

I took a few shots at this station. Years later, I would cause the piano bar at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Hollywood to be locked due to a night of drunken sing-along with the Program Director of this station. Good guy!

1996 - WHMP - Northampton, MA

1996 – WHMP – Northampton, MA

Small Alternative station in Western Mass. I don't think it's there anymore.

1995? - WZZO - Allentown PA

1995? – WZZO – Allentown PA

Nice touch. Handwritten letter. Classy. No job. But I felt OK that I at least got a respectful note.

1995 - WHJY - Providence, RI

1995 – WHJY – Providence, RI

One of the nicest rejection letters I've received comes from the smallest state in the country. In the letter, the Program Director acts as though the response is less-than-personal, but I was surprised how personal it actually was. Same story, just click the image below!

1995 - WHCN - Hartford, CT

1995 – WHCN – Hartford, CT

Apparently, according to this letter, I was too qualified...I mean, they said there were no openings that met my qualifications...That's what it means, right? Right?!?! Click below to see the full letter.

1995 - WDIZ - Orlando, FL

1995 – WDIZ – Orlando, FL

At least this guy was honest. "I do not wish to hire you this time." Just putting that out there I guess. Oh well, I'd rather have some honesty than just the generic response. Click below to see the letter!

1995 - KSJO - San Jose, CA

1995 – KSJO – San Jose, CA

Ha! Another rejection from California. Oh well, I guess I wasn't always doomed for the state since I ended up getting a gig in Sacramento. As usual, just click the image below!

1995 - KRXQ - Sacramento, CA

1995 – KRXQ – Sacramento, CA

See, I told you I had more rejection letters from the great state of California! This one comes from KRXQ. I saved this and gave it to Curtiss when he finally hired me. We're close friends to this day. Click the image to see the larger picture.

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