I Have Been Fired From Worse Jobs Than Radio!

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Mobile DJ

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I did time as a “mobile DJ” for a while. I hosted Karaoke Nights & did weddings and dances and parties, and dealt with drunken family members who couldn’t sing, and got pulled over for “drunk driving” when my little Dodge Aries K station wagon was overloaded with heavy equipment and swerved over a double yellow line. No, I wasn’t drinking. But we did get towed over 100 miles home and pretty much cost me money to do that gig.

This is the greatest termination letter EVER!

The guy tells me he doesn’t think I have what it takes to be a mobile DJ…which is AWESOME. And goes on to tell me how much he likes me.

I consider this to be one of the highlights of my professional career!

4 comments to I Have Been Fired From Worse Jobs Than Radio!

  • Margie  says:

    “We love you but go f**k yourself.”
    That’s awesome.

  • Brian  says:

    Wonder how many skating rinks he got rejected from. Maybe this guy is entertaining newborns who dont know his talent yet.

  • neanderpaul  says:

    In the end…It’s possibly the best termination letter. Ever.

  • Bill Rice  says:

    I was fired from a towing job where I was manager and tow driver. I asked for a laptop computer to keep better track of the cars we towed and the vehicles we had in inventory. He told me he couldn’t afford it. But he could afford 15 grand to freshen up his Harley, 35 grand for a new truck and who knows how much to go to Barrett- Jackson in California for a week…. Then he fires me telling me “It’s just not working out”…..

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