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Category: Boston - WRKO - Boston's Talk Station

This comes from when I was the afternoon guy at WAAF in Boston. I was friends with Scott Allen Miller, who did mornings at Boston’s talk station WRKO. When their co-host went on vacation, they would have substitute co-hosts sit in each day. I was asked if I wanted to hang. So, I absolutely jumped at the chance. Some say the future of radio is going to be talk-based. So, I can say I’ve done Talk Radio now too. I think I did well. We had never worked together. I think they were taken back a bit. But, I felt good. Maybe I’m the next Rush Limbaugh? He signed a 400 mil. deal. I’d work for 1 percent of that. But, don’t tell anyone! 🙂

Part 1 – Breast Feeding…yes I know. Seems like they used me to do a little titillating (no pun intended) programming. Surprisingly, we kept it (relatively) adult.

Part 2 – Breast Feeding…like I needed to type anything else to get you to click

Part 3 – Helmet Laws…I gotta give them credit. They knew which topics to go with while I was in-studio. I DON’T think they expected me to be an advocate.

Part 4 – Helmet Laws cont.

Part 5 – Helmet Laws in 3D!

Part 6 – Helmet Laws; Enough already!!!

Part 7 – Radio. This is something a lot of people talk to me about. It’s one of those things I am pretty outspoken on. Here we talk a bit about Radio, and specifically Satellite and the potential for it to damage terrestrial.

Part 8 – Wrappin’ it up. When it was all said and done. I think we did well. Again…there was no rehearsal. I was tossed in with very little idea of if it would even work. Hope you enjoyed listening. Maybe I’ll do this someday.

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