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And NOW….It begins.

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Welcome to the blagh part of the site. I have been so slammed with KDKB stuff, that quite frankly, I’ve slacked on keeping you in the loop on my own site. Priorities. They can be a bitch.

As you may, or may not know, I’ve been hired to be the Program Director for 93.3 KDKB in Phoenix, Arizona.

It’s a pretty amazing opportunity, and the focus that I’ve been applying to the station over the past ten weeks, has really begun to pay off. We took a real close look at what the station has been historically, and what the listeners of Phoenix Rock radio expected from us, and have now put together what we hope is what Phoenix wants to hear.

To give you a bit of background…Imagine the Rock station where you live. Is it new? Or, has it been there since before you were born? KDKB has been here in Phoenix since the beginning of what’s called Album Oriented Rock. Basically, back in the day, you had those Be-Bop stations that played all the Top-40 music of the time. And then in 1967 or so, a group of music fans decided that Radio was out of touch with what’s really going on in their world (sound familiar?). So, they put these stations on in cities like San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago, and yes…Phoenix.

Each big city had their version of the “cool Rock station,” that played real music that real music fans wanted to hear. The syrupy shit that was passing for “Rock n’ Roll” wasn’t really indicative of the people who really loved the music. It was the flavor-of-the-month stuff that could be packaged and sold to teeny-boppers. Think “Idol”…

Well here in Phoenix…KDKB was that station. Over the years, it’s gone through a lot of shifts and swings. Basically, leaving it in a place where it had lost any real identity. Like that CD that sits on the rack that you loved at one time, but now…never listen to. It was just…here.

When I took the job in July, the owners laid out a plan. They told me what they wanted to do with KDKB and asked what needed to be done. I told them what I saw and what I thought we could do to restore KDKB to its rightful place at the top. Ten weeks later, KDKB is very different sounding radio station than when I got here. When you tune in now, it sounds like it is meant to sound. If you’re tired of listening to the “Cookie Monster” screaming at you all day, and not quite old enough to take a nap with Fleetwood Mac on in the background. Then KDKB is your station.

The challenge has been met so far.

We have a great staff of personalities. No fake radio clowns who talk like they’re badasses (but in reality haven’t been to a show, or couldn’t tell you anything about the music we play, or football, or anything related to real life because they’re completely out of touch…. unless their producer looks it up for them). We don’t think we’re that cool. In fact…we know we aren’t. We’re just KDKB. I invite you to tune in and give us a listen for a bit. I think you’ll like the station.

Of course all of that means I haven’t been updating this page that often. It’s been a ton of work fixing a radio station. So, I apologize for being out of touch for a bit.

In case you missed it, I’m also back on the air. Weekday afternoons from 3-7 (AZ time) you can find me.  All the stupidity you’ve come to expect over the past 25 years, now packaged for the Valley Of The Sun!

Of course, nothing in my world goes exactly as planned. Within two weeks of moving to Phoenix, the great “katana incident” happened where I almost lost my right hand. If you’re really interested…there are pictures on my Facebook page. Those who know me well, also know I’m heavily armed (Hey! That’s a pun!). I’ve had weapons my whole life and I’m proficient in their use. However…accidents happen. And, in all of the years I’ve owned this razor-sharp Japanese sword, I’ve never experienced the working effects. Until recently.

The sword is housed in a sheath (tsuba). It is to be drawn specifically, and the blade is sharp enough to bi-sect you should I choose to do so. However, in this instance, it was being stored atop a 6′ shelf, in the tsuba, and really just on display. What I didn’t plan for, was the tsuba to be protruding over the edge of the shelf to the point where the door to the room could potentially knock the tip (just the tip…just for a moment…just to see how it feels…it does not feel good!) causing the katana to spin sideways and drop toward the floor.

Now…there’s good news, and there’s bad news. The good news is…the tsuba hit my right wrist square on the bone. It hurt like hell! The bad news…the blade was extended about 3″ from the housing, and almost fileted my right hand.  Yes…it was wide open and I now know what the inner workings of the hand look like. It’s a lot like what you saw in “the Terminator.” Thankfully, gravity chose not to take my hand, or any of my fingers. In fact, a month or so later…I have full use of the limb. Didn’t sever any arteries or nerve endings. I got very lucky. But I know two things…I heal quickly, and that katana will end you if held in the right hands (no pun intended).

In more positive news…I have the bike up n’ running again. I took it off the road when I was sans job/insurance. Arizona might be the best place to ride that I’ve ever lived. NoCal was beautiful as well…But the mountains here are…different. Anyone who’s ridden here will tell ya as much. I’m looking forward to rolling all Winter while all of my friends back east have to put ’em away.

Raiders football is back. They certainly started out like shit. We’ll see if they can get it together. Funny, when I was a season-ticket holder, they went to the Superbowl…I left the Bay Area, and they got bad. Moved to the Midwest and their football team went through the worst collapse in history. I left the Midwest and their team is getting better…I’m closer to the Black Hole again. Perhaps some karma would be in order? It’d be nice to have them winning.

The dogs are adjusting nicely to the desert. I take that back. More accurately, the dogs love air conditioning.

I’ll start collecting new audio soon so that we can add a Phoenix section to the audio section. I still have a lot of archive stuff to upload as well. So, it will get fun again here on the page soon. Meanwhile, feel free to check out my Facebook & Myspace (Really?) pages if ya want. You can also follow me on Twitter! Or…just e-mail me at work: or here on my page. And of course, you can listen every weekday afternoon from 3-7pm on the station webpage.

That’s it for now. As always, thank you for all the e-mail and for the years of support. I’ll talk to you soon!


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Update!..Live from the Valley Of The Sun!

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Been a bit since I’ve updated you. Why not now?

So far, life in the Valley couldn’t be finer! I love Phoenix! It is truly beautiful. Palm trees n’ cacti everywhere, and I haven’t seen a cloudy day since the drive here. Yeah…we get the occasional sudden thunderstorm. Here they’re referred to as “monsoons.” But they’re not like the ones you see in the Philippines.  I have yet to experience my first “haboob.” Go ahead and Google it. Apparently they happen only in the Mideast, and desert Southwest. And yeah…it IS a dry heat.

Before you dismiss that as something to be minimized, I’d like you to do an experiment for me. Right now…get up and go to your oven and set it at 110 degrees. I’ll wait.

…ok while we wait for the oven to preheat, I gotta tell you, life at KDKB is a blast so far. I’ve never thought of myself as a “boss.” I just don’t like the nonsense egotism that comes with titles. Here, I’m sort of a coach. We all know the roles we occupy. We all want to do everything we can to contribute to KDKB’s successes, and it’s truly been rewarding so far. I’ve had to make some decisions regarding the programming staff, but I think we all know why they had to be made, and we all believe in the vision for the station. It was the one moment of discomfort I’ve felt. But…with every new experience, comes adjustment. I’d like to think I handled it the best I could for all involved. I’m surrounded by talented, motivated individuals. Each one committed to our combined goal. I can’t say that’s always been the case everywhere I’ve worked. Is that a shot at some people I’ve worked with over the years? Yes. Yes it is. They know who they are. If any of you are reading this, and you feel a little twinge inside, everyone knows. Don’t kid yourselves anymore. That’s not meant to be bitter. And I know it comes off as such. It’s just a realization, and acknowledgment of my appreciation for where I am right now. To anyone I work alongside…Thanks. We’re just getting started.

OK…get up now. Walk to the oven. Open it. Now stick your head inside. Feel that? That’s your “dry heat.” The difference is…you can remove your head from the oven. We, have air conditioning. Dry heat…is still hot. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not every bit as oppressive to some as humidity is. Me? I have a pool! Ohhhh yea!

I will say it now;  You were right! I got a call a couple of weeks ago from someone above, asking when I could be ready to go back on the air. Of course, I said “immediately!” And so…Neanderpaul’s back in afternoons. I’m having a blast and appreciate all the e-mails. Lots of people listening around the world. It’s good to be back…doing what I do. And I had no idea so many from Memphis, New Orleans, Columbus, Sacramento, Boston, and KC have tuned in!! Not to mention the people from those places that have relocated to other parts of the world and are checking in daily. The internet is at once the best, and worst tool of our lifetime. I’m appreciative of the kind words. Thanks!!

And again…words will never quite express how thankful we are for all of your support during the “beach time.” Life is good.

If you wanna find me, my station e-mail is and you know you can always e-mail me here!


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Hooray For New Orleans!

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What’s up??

I’m so happy for the city of New Orleans! Just great people who deserve the happiness they’re feeling right now.

And it’s good to see Drew Brees finally get his…All the mediots talked about was how great Peyton Manning is. They overlooked the guy who’s been the most productive QB in the NFL over the past 4 years…in fact:

Since becoming a Saint in 2006, Drew Brees has thrown for 1359 more yards than Peyton Manning. The same amount of TDs, only 6 more INTs in 154 more attempts. And has a completion pct. of 66.85 to Manning’s 66.5. What I’m saying is…Brees has been the better QB.

I make no attempt to hide it. I LOVE that city & everything about it. I made some of the best friends & had some of the best times of my life.  Those that have never been there…can’t possibly get it.

Actually, there’s a big difference between living there, and visiting. The city has a real “voodoo” that’s awesome, and beautiful, and no matter what the media tells you about crime and poverty…The people of New Orleans love their home. Their pains are not self-pity. They’re genuinely hurt by what’s happened to their city. They’re so proud of the laid back vibe. It’s just a VERY special place, and had the station I worked for not gone away…We’d probably have never left.  I love New Orleans! It is where I would choose to retire.  And someday, still hope to.

Although, going to the ‘Dome for games is a BLAST!…It still ain’t the Black Hole! 🙂  But, I do own a Ricky Williams jersey from his rookie year!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Meanwhile…The search for the next gig continues! Good things are ahead. Thank you for all of the e-mails of support. Both here, and on Twitter/Facebook/Myspace.


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I’m constantly adding new audio. I’m a Rock guy. & have also done Sports & Talk . To access, click the archive name. And the player should be right there for you (if not, please let me know, and I’ll get on it ASAP!). Most of this stuff is unedited from the pre-delay feed. I welcome your feedback!


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The Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame is Bullsh*t!

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Neanderpaul's BlogFigured this might be a great time to get this off my chest.

The Hall Of Fame is bullsh*t!

First of all, music is not a competition, but we somehow need to label it as such and bestow upon a segment of the artists that have created amazing music via their talent, and creativity, and some who’re properly manufactured and in the right place at the right time. With that in mind…Here’s EVERY artist currently inducted into the R&R Hall Of Fame and my thoughts on some who make me ask WHY THEM?: (I’m only including performers…non-performers and others are arbitrarily considered and their inclusion is relevant ceremonially at best.)

• John Mellencamp – Nothing more than the Bruce Springsteen of the Midwest. Should he be in? Really? Because he wrote a few hit songs? Then make room for Huey Lewis & Hall & Oates
• Leonard Cohen
• Madonna
• The Dave Clark Five
• The Ventures
• Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
• Patti Smith
• R.E.M. – What makes REM Hall Of Fame worthy? They’re not pioneers. They’re a great band, but certainly not legendary. They didn’t change music like Devo did. But, because they’re critical darlings…they’re in.
• The Ronettes
• Van Halen
• Black Sabbath
• Blondie
• Lynyrd Skynyrd
• Miles Davis
• Sex Pistols
• Buddy Guy
• Percy Sledge – 4 top ten singles and one song you can name. Not a Hall Of Famer. Sorry.
• The O’Jays
• The Pretenders – Why them? Great band. But Hall Of Fame?
• U2
• Bob Seger
• George Harrison – As a solo artist? Really? Is it because of his music, or his humanitarian contributions? He stole “My Sweet Lord” from The Chiffons. I guess being a Beatle gets him in.
• Jackson Browne – Why? He’s in the same category as Mellencamp & Tom Petty. They all did great songs, but nothing that makes one sit back and think music wouldn’t be where it is today without his contributions
• Prince
• The Dells
• Traffic
• ZZ Top
• Elvis Costello & the Attractions
• Righteous Brothers
• The Clash
• The Police
• Brenda Lee
• Gene Pitney
• Isaac Hayes
• Ramones
• Talking Heads
• Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Great songs. But what about Tom Petty makes him a Hall Of Famer? His vocal style is The Byrds-meets-Dylan. So, he wrote great songs, but he’s not someone I’d see as “OH WOW!”
• Aerosmith
• Michael Jackson
• Paul Simon
• Queen
• Ritchie Valens
• Solomon Burke – Who? He wrote a couple of songs, but was a 2nd tier artist his whole career. Certainly not a legend that one would consider for the Hall Of Fame
• Steely Dan
• The Flamingos – Do you know any of their music? Shouldn’t you if they’re Hall Of Famers. Isn’t a Hall Of Fame for legends?
• Bonnie Raitt
• Earth, Wind & Fire
• Eric Clapton
• James Taylor
• Lovin’ Spoonful
• The Moonglows – Does EVERY 50s-era DooWop group get in? name a Moonglows song. Just one!
• Billy Joel – Not a Hall Of Famer. The American Elton John. He’s talented. Wrote some great songs. But a huge critical darling. Not a Hall Of Famer
• Bruce Springsteen
• Curtis Mayfield
• Del Shannon
• Dusty Springfield
• Paul McCartney
• The Staple Singers
• Fleetwood Mac
• Gene Vincent
• Lloyd Price – Look. I get that certain musicians were overlooked because of racism. But EVERY R&B singer can’t be considered Hall Of Fame worthy. I’m sorry. This guy wrote “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” did you know that? No. You didn’t
• Santana
• The Eagles
• The Mamas and the Papas
• Buffalo Springfield
• Crosby Stills and Nash
• Joni Mitchell
• Parliament-Funkadelic
• The (Young) Rascals
• The Bee Gees
• The Jackson Five
• David Bowie
• Gladys Knight and the Pips
• Jefferson Airplane
• Little Willie John – Another unknown pioneer. But if they’re unkown, are they “Fame-worthy”
• Pink Floyd
• The Shirelles
• The Velvet Underground
• Al Green
• Frank Zappa
• Janis Joplin
• Led Zeppelin
• Martha and the Vandellas
• Neil Young
• The Allman Brothers Band
• Bob Marley
• Duane Eddy
• Elton John
• John Lennon
• Rod Stewart
• The Animals
• The Band
• The Grateful Dead
• Cream
• Creedence Clearwater Revival
• Etta James
• Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers
• Ruth Brown
• Sly and the Family Stone
• The Doors
• Van Morrison
• Bobby “Blue” Bland
• Booker T. and the M.G.’s
• Johnny Cash
• Sam and Dave
• The Isley Brothers
• The Jimi Hendrix Experience
• The Yardbirds
• Ike and Tina Turner
• Jimmy Reed
• John Lee Hooker
• LaVern Baker
• The Byrds
• The Impressions
• Wilson Pickett
• Bobby Darin
• Hank Ballard
• Simon and Garfunkel
• The Four Seasons
• The Four Tops
• The Kinks
• The Platters
• The Who
• Dion
• Otis Redding
• Stevie Wonder
• The Rolling Stones
• The Temptations
• Bob Dylan
• The Beach Boys
• The Beatles
• The Drifters
• The Supremes
• Aretha Franklin
• B.B. King
• Big Joe Turner
• Bill Haley
• Bo Diddley
• Carl Perkins
• Clyde McPhatter
• Eddie Cochran
• Jackie Wilson
• Marvin Gaye
• Muddy Waters
• Ricky Nelson
• Roy Orbison
• Smokey Robinson
• The Coasters
• Buddy Holly
• Chuck Berry
• Elvis Presley
• Fats Domino
• James Brown
• Jerry Lee Lewis
• Little Richard
• Ray Charles
• Sam Cooke
• The Everly Brothers
Jeff Beck – Why is Jeff Beck going in as a solo artist? He’s a great guitarist, but if that’s going to be the criteria…make room for Yngwie, Vai, Satriani and EVH as a solo artist.
Little Anthony & the Imperials
Bobby Womack
Wanda Jackson
Bill Black
DJ Fontana
Spooner Oldham


Otis Blackwell

Jimmy Cliff


The Hollies

The Stooges

Alice Cooper

Neil Diamond

Dr. John

Darlene Love

Tom Waits

Beastie Boys

Blue Caps

The Comets

The Crickets


The Fabulous Flames

Guns N’ Roses

Small Faces/Faces

Freddie King

The Midnighters

The Miracles

Laura Nyro

The Red Hot Chili Peppers

And now…a list of bands that SHOULD be inducted NOW:
Devo, KISS, ( nobody were bigger from 75-79?) Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Cheap Trick, Ozzy as a solo artist, Moody Blues, Smiths, Duran Duran, SRV, Journey, B52s, T Rex, Yes, Chicago, Hall & Oates, Boston, Frampton, Bad Co. The Cure, Jethro Tull, MC5, Steve Miller, ELP, Jan & Dean, Devo, Styx, Tina Turner as a solo artist, Carole King, Jim Croce, REO Speedwagon, J Geils, Ted Nugent, Robert Plant, Huey Lewis & The News, Free, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Sting, Pete Townsend, Steve Winwood.…Feel free to add yours. If they’re going to put the questionable people in that they have….make room for: Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, and Def Leppard. Scorpions too. 4 of the biggest bands of the 80’s. If Tom Petty goes in…so does Def Leppard. & Motley. They’ve had just as many hits, and were the foundation for an entire musical movement. Which brings me to Motorhead, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest. Without those 3, no Metallica. What about Thomas Dolby? Is Barry Manilow not in? How the F*CK can you justify THAT????? He sang the f*cking THEME to American Bandstand!!!!

See what I’m saying?

To me..Hall Of Fame means “Someone without whom music wouldn’t be where it is today” Someone who changed the direction…a LEGENDARY band or artist. I love the Pretenders…but…how come them, and not Devo? Or hell…Where’s the Sugar Hill Gang? Kurtis Blow? The B-52s? Peter Gabriel as a solo artist? Didn’t Harry Chapin and Jim Croce change music? …Donna Summer? Madonna’s in but Donna Summer isn’t? How are Blondie and Pretenders in, but Heart isn’t? And if we’re going to induct disco & hip hop…where’s KC & The Sunshine band? The Commodores? The Smiths? Depeche Mode…do I not see Screamin Jay Hawkins? Memphis Minnie? Bill Broonzy? But Dusty Springfield is in? WHATTTTTTT???????

And yeah…Rush. The Moody Blues…why not? ELP…Apparently not “too much” Prog Rock allowed. I see now why so many people think the Hall is crap…cuz it is.

This year, we finally see Deep Purple, Heart, RUSH, and Joan Jett on the preliminary list. Will they make it? Guess we wait and see.

…point made for another year.

I will continue to clown the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame until they get it right! And they never will.

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