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WBCN Boston: I Got Fired By WAAF The Day Before…and ‘BCN Stepped Up!

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I’ve been doing radio a long time. 28 years actually. In those 2 years, I’ve been fired 4 times.  I was fired by WAAF in Boston in 2005, and showed up the next day on their immediate competitor, WBCN. WBCN is gone now. But it was a legendary Rock station. And they opened their doors to me when I needed a gig. However, when you go to a competitor, you HAVE to be careful what you say. Your former employers are usually listening. And it’s important to never burn a bridge. You’ll never hear me truly badmouth any employer on the air. Even when they put me and my wife on the street. It’s radio. You know how it goes when you get in.

Part II – It was very strange day in my career. But it felt pretty good.

Part III – The silliness continues

Part IV – Here’s how it went down. Took less than 2 minutes.

Part V – They asked me to stay the whole day. Where did I have to be right?

Part VI – The night guy joins us. They really tried hard to get me to rip on my former employer. But, it’s just not good form.

Part VII – This file is called “careful what you wish for.” My bet is that it refers to listening to a 9-part audio file on a Radio guy’s website.

Part VIII – The word began to spread amongst Boston Rock listeners, and we started getting some cool phone calls. Having a real good time at this point.

Part IX – It’s over. This was one of my favorite shows. I made two new friends and felt great about being wanted. That’s what all radio guys want. The symbolic “hug from afar.”

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