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When I started this page, I promised that I'd upload the good, the bad...and the ugly. I'm not sure where this material falls. It was the late 80's & I was doing college radio. I had auditioned for a band...Not exactly a unique scenario. But, we went through a bunch of lineup changes, and th

Knocker Up

Click To Listen. This was one of the songs we demoed on March 16, 1991 @ our friend Hank Decken's Dizzyland Studios. Hank sang for the band Nevada Beach. They put out a couple of CDs on Metal Blade, and we became friends early on. Anyway, we got to the point where we were going to start shoppi

Cat & Mouse

Click To Listen. Another of the Dizzyland Tapes. We recorded 3 songs at our friend Hank Decken's studio in New Hampshire. So that we had something for club owners, and could send it out to gauge interest in possibly securing a recording contract. They're rough 16-track analog demos. We recorde

Lil’ Devil

Click To Listen. The third of the Dizzyland Tapes. A trio of 16-track demos we put together at a friend's studio so that we had material together for club owners, & potential managers. We were hoping to snag a record deal. Little did we know it was early 1991, and by the end of the year, our

Carry On

Click To Listen. This was not a Shatter'd song. This was an acoustic piece, written by one of our good friends Paul Burke. Paul would roadie for our guitarist Rick on occasion. We never really had roadies though. We had friends that came, and hung with us when we played. Paul is an extremely t

Into The Night (Live)

Click To Listen. Usually the second song in the set. I thought this was a generic throwaway. But, it went over well. So, we kept it. One of those "rebel" songs. You know...stand up for yourself blah blah...crap.

Broken Idle (live)

Click To Listen. First of all...spelling intentionally changed. This was a song about my anger toward my father (He was an auto mechanic. Get it? Idle?). I'm in the process of writing a book. In it...the details of our failed relationship are revealed. But, the short version is; disappointment in

Ridin’ The Tails (Live)

Click To Listen. This was a song about what happens when a band in an area "makes it." In 1988, the Boston band Extreme were signed to a major record deal. They were one of the best bands on the scene. a result, a bunch of good bands, suddenly changed their style to mimic what Extreme di

The Masher (Live)

Click To Listen. This was what we were known for. Fun songs that told stories. Some of which, ended in ironic twists. The idea here was a little riff that our guitarist Rick brought in to the studio. He said he'd heard that hookers in old Ireland & England were referred to as "Mashers." In tr

A Crutch Called Jack (Live)

Click To Listen. One of our guitarists, (Barry) brought this song with him from his previous band. I always loved the music, but thought the previous versions were sh*t. It started life as "Crutch" and then another singer tried to change it to "Livin' On Borrowed Time." Neither guy really capture

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