KSLX : Phoenix – Hiking By Myself

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A little ditty, written by the other half of the show, Mark. For those who *don’t* live in Phoenix, it’s one of America’s most beautiful cities, surrounded by mountains. The kind people paint. The kind you see in majestic photographs. The kind you shouldn’t attempt to hike when the temperature exceeds 100 degrees. Which, in Phoenix, is usually three months of the year. Inevitably, some dipstick thinks they’re going to be fine, and gets helicoptered off a mountain every day. And so…Mark created this ode to the stupid…

11 comments to KSLX : Phoenix – Hiking By Myself

  • Bob Howell  says:

    Very funny

  • Kimberly LeDune  says:

    This is the best ever!!!!!

  • J. Fitzgerald  says:

    What are the lyrics to the first verse? I’m not sure what the word before “disappears” is.

  • Joe Hart  says:

    Keep it up, you rock!

  • Day 118 ~ North Mountain Phoenix, AZ – myloveofhiking  says:

    […] Side note: Rene shared this song with me today and I just had to share! Hilarious! http://neanderpaul.com/new/2016/07/20/kslx-phoenix-hiking-by-myself/ […]

  • jimmy johnson  says:

    fk’n awesome! love it!!

  • Rob  says:

    I listen everyday and this is by far the best spoof song you ever did .. this is fricking great becuse its true how many dopes think this isint them !!!

  • Elizabeth  says:

    I laughed so hard the first time I heard this I almost crashed my car lol. Thank you for the laughs!

  • adam k  says:

    love this song !!!

  • Diane Ashcroft  says:

    I believe that you may be too kind. As I explained to a Ranger recently: Look at it this way: If they are too stupid, full of testosterone, drunk, can’t read, etc., then if they die, they will not pass on their stupid genes to the next generation. Its a win, win all around. This also goes for those who camp in narrows, washes, take 1/2 pints of liquid down any Grand Canyon trail, etc.

  • claire muir  says:

    I live just a few blocks from the mountain, hiking not, the view from my bedroom while hanging out in some trees is the way i perfer to enjoy the mountain.


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