Week #1 Is History

Category: Well...Hello There!

We’re under way! Week #1 of the new Morning Show, has been quite the adjustment. It all goes so quickly. Hard to recall all that happens between 5-10am. The response has been really fun to hear. Lots of people excited about what’s coming. We’re pretty stoked to get all the calls & e-mails. So, thank you for everything so far.

At some point, we’ll have enough audio to post up here. It’s only been a few shows so far. Thanks for being patient. I’d rather we *not* post anything, than post something half-assed. Y’know?

In the meantime, you can see our show page at KSLX.com now. We have that going. And, follow the show on Twitter. We got that working too!

Thanks again for all of the support. It means a ton.