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One of the jokes of my radio career has been how I never wanted the responsibility of having people’s professional lives to be subject to my scrutiny. I’ve never had any interest in being the guy who had to decide who gets to eat and who doesn’t.

In my new position as Program Director for a 100,000 watt Rock station in America’s 5th largest city, I have come to truly understand the term “You never know who’s listening.” I’ve received calls from the widest variety of people, with the widest tastes in music that I’ve ever known. I’ve also had to, by definition of my job, monitor and keep cognizant of anything we may broadcast that could be in violation of FCC, community, or company standards. I am ultimately responsible for everything that comes out of the speakers of our station.

I’ve also come to realize…when one of our staff members broadcasts something that could possibly cost the company tens-to-hundreds of thousands of dollars, I have to make a decision. Depending on the severity of the infraction, I may have to cap them immediately.  It’s not something I relish having to do.

However, I did have to do it this weekend. I won’t get in to the details. But, it came down to this: By their poor decision, this person was jeopardizing not only their job…but the jobs of everyone at the station. Once this fact made itself clear to me…I had no problem making the decision. I love my gig. I have a lot of other people to account for. When one intentionally screws with the lives of many, they have to go. It’s that simple.

Running a radio station is not an easy job. I’m not bitchin’ I think it’s a blast! I’m just sayin’…It’s so much more than just picking music and giving away prizes. I am learning new things and it has opened my eyes to things I never knew. For all of the former bosses I owe a huge “fuck you” to…I owe an equal # of “thank you/I’m sorrys” to the others.

I don’t regret doing what I did. I now know that sometimes you have to make a shit decision for the greater good.

Good Luck Kid…You’re someone else’s blog-fodder now.