WRKZ – Columbus: Monday 5/3/10 The First Day!

Category: Columbus - WRKZ - 99-7 The Blitz!

Well…Here it is. The horrifying debut of our failed attempt to secure the Morning Show on Columbus’ 99-7 The Blitz.

We should’ve known it wasn’t going to work by the way it started. We had a system crash right out of the gate. I stepped in and attempted to take control of the show. Which was not really what management wanted. They intended for me to be a “guest” on Ronni’s show. We had our own Producer who ran all the sound. We did make the best of it. I introduced some new stuff that Ronni had never tried. A feature called “Mouth Hug Etiquette,”  where Ronni gave advice. Traditionally, she was the “Cool Rock Chick.” She’d never really say certain things. So…we played a bit and tried some new ideas. And it was at once a blast, and a trainwreck. I did get a chance to tell all of Columbus that she has a tail. No joke! Ronni has that nub-tail-bone. And I outed her on the air. We also got a visit on the phone by our good friend Jesse James DuPree. And powered our way through it. I thought a nice beginning all things considered. Unfortunately, we never clicked the way management wanted. I consider this a missed opportunity in my career. We may have been able to build something very special. Maybe another day…Here’s the ugly proof.