Category: Columbus - WRKZ - 99-7 The Blitz!

In this section, I sit in with my good friend Ronni Hunter, at Columbus’ 99-7 The Blitz! As it goes…they had just flipped the station back to The Blitz after a failed experiment as another Rock-flavor. They were looking for a new Morning Show, and I was asked to fly in and sit with Ronni to see if we had any chemistry. It wasn’t really my show. I was a guest of Ronni’s. We had a Producer, who did a great job. But, I’m used to running my own audio and pretty much controlling the show. In hindsight, I think I blew it. I should’ve done this differently. Ultimately, we didn’t get the gig. Which sucks for me. I really wanted this one. Ronni’s a great friend, and the owners of the station are great people. They deserve a winner, and I wanted to help deliver one to them.  So…here’s the audio. Warts and all. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. This was a crushing loss for me.