WRKZ – Columbus: Thursday 5/6/10

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Here’s even more of what it sounded like when I sat in with one of my favorite people on the planet; Ronni Hunter @ Columbus’ 99-7 The Blitz!

It was day 4 of our “On Air Audition” to replace their current morning show. The station does a contest called “Sing ’til You Suck” on Thursdays for tickets to their big “Rock On The Range” Festival. So, we played that a couple of times. With tons of sound effects added by producer “Thick Rick.” Plus, we spoke with Adam D from Killswitch Engage & Rick DeJesus from Adelita’s Way (who invited us to his bachelor party in Columbus in two weeks) Which would’ve been nice….had I got the job. The interviews got cut off because Thick had shut off a mic that controlled the recording. So, we only got a bit of each.  Also, I had to break up a fight on Cinco De Mayo the night before. And as every guy knows…you never leave a man behind. “Thick” learned a valuable lesson as we had our first on-air fight. And….nothing sexier than getting Ronni to pick her nose in the studio. Yes, I am that immature.

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