Update!..Live from the Valley Of The Sun!

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Been a bit since I’ve updated you. Why not now?

So far, life in the Valley couldn’t be finer! I love Phoenix! It is truly beautiful. Palm trees n’ cacti everywhere, and I haven’t seen a cloudy day since the drive here. Yeah…we get the occasional sudden thunderstorm. Here they’re referred to as “monsoons.” But they’re not like the ones you see in the Philippines.  I have yet to experience my first “haboob.” Go ahead and Google it. Apparently they happen only in the Mideast, and desert Southwest. And yeah…it IS a dry heat.

Before you dismiss that as something to be minimized, I’d like you to do an experiment for me. Right now…get up and go to your oven and set it at 110 degrees. I’ll wait.

…ok while we wait for the oven to preheat, I gotta tell you, life at KDKB is a blast so far. I’ve never thought of myself as a “boss.” I just don’t like the nonsense egotism that comes with titles. Here, I’m sort of a coach. We all know the roles we occupy. We all want to do everything we can to contribute to KDKB’s successes, and it’s truly been rewarding so far. I’ve had to make some decisions regarding the programming staff, but I think we all know why they had to be made, and we all believe in the vision for the station. It was the one moment of discomfort I’ve felt. But…with every new experience, comes adjustment. I’d like to think I handled it the best I could for all involved. I’m surrounded by talented, motivated individuals. Each one committed to our combined goal. I can’t say that’s always been the case everywhere I’ve worked. Is that a shot at some people I’ve worked with over the years? Yes. Yes it is. They know who they are. If any of you are reading this, and you feel a little twinge inside, everyone knows. Don’t kid yourselves anymore. That’s not meant to be bitter. And I know it comes off as such. It’s just a realization, and acknowledgment of my appreciation for where I am right now. To anyone I work alongside…Thanks. We’re just getting started.

OK…get up now. Walk to the oven. Open it. Now stick your head inside. Feel that? That’s your “dry heat.” The difference is…you can remove your head from the oven. We, have air conditioning. Dry heat…is still hot. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not every bit as oppressive to some as humidity is. Me? I have a pool! Ohhhh yea!

I will say it now;  You were right! I got a call a couple of weeks ago from someone above, asking when I could be ready to go back on the air. Of course, I said “immediately!” And so…Neanderpaul’s back in afternoons. I’m having a blast and appreciate all the e-mails. Lots of people listening around the world. It’s good to be back…doing what I do. And I had no idea so many from Memphis, New Orleans, Columbus, Sacramento, Boston, and KC have tuned in!! Not to mention the people from those places that have relocated to other parts of the world and are checking in daily. The internet is at once the best, and worst tool of our lifetime. I’m appreciative of the kind words. Thanks!!

And again…words will never quite express how thankful we are for all of your support during the “beach time.” Life is good.

If you wanna find me, my station e-mail is neanderpaul@kdkb.com and you know you can always e-mail me here!


21 comments to Update!..Live from the Valley Of The Sun!

  • ed  says:

    I’m glad to hear of your new gig! I hope you knock their
    their rockin asses off! I really enjoyed your afternoon gig at “the evil empire”. I never really heard what happened, but
    for me personally, “asshole bob” earned his nickname when
    he let ya go. I’ve emailed you just afterward, then as now, Nivens just doesn’t do it. (again, no disrespect to Nivens..lol)
    I’m glad your new station streams their audio, but I won’t be able to listen, cuz I’m workin’…lol
    Anyway, I just wanted to drop ya a line and wish you, and yours the very best. You will be sorely missed here in K.C.
    Keep us posted.


  • Kathy Isabell  says:

    Love you, miss you, best wishes in o-high-o. Don’t forget us down here!

  • Kathy Isabell  says:

    Just listened to Knocker Up. A “16-track demo?” That’s simple? Dude. It sounded pretty professional to me.

  • alan k. snider  says:


  • Adam Schneider  says:

    Paul –

    The next time you need medical attention, you can talk to the hospital to set up a payment plan, which they need to do by law if you need to have a non-optional procedure. Additionally, by law, they cannot take away your property for medical debt.

  • neanderpaul  says:

    Not about taking it away. About me not being able to make my rent. Despite what some would like the public to believe, living on unemployment isn’t really living at all. Thanks for the information Adam. You’re a good friend!

  • Andrew Sample  says:

    this will be your 4th station since we’ve met…congrats and I hope this move brings you as many good times and joy as all of the others combines. enjoy the desert man!

  • Lee Stone  says:

    Welcome! Let’s ROCK!!!

  • neanderpaul  says:

    That means we’re old Andrew…and I am unable to keep a job 🙂

  • neanderpaul  says:

    It’s ON! Thank You Lee!

  • anngelle  says:

    niiice, dude.

  • ed  says:

    Hey Paul,
    Congrats again! Keep us posted on how things are working out. when do you start your new gig?
    All the best, bro.

  • chris  says:


    been checkin up on your situation ever since you left kqrc, glad you finally found a gig. I like nivens, but it’s just not the same without an innapropriate joke giving me a reason to call every day. Was usually greeted by a busy signal, but was a pleasent ride home everyday with you on the airwaves.

    best of luck, and know you’ll always have fans in KC.

  • neanderpaul  says:

    Thank you very much. It’s a very exciting time for us right now

  • Tyra Alldaffer  says:

    I am a little envious that you are officially going to be living in Arizona. I loved the 7 years we lived there. Winter is so lovely there compared to Kansas!! I hope they still do the tumbleweed Christmas tree.
    Take care and best wishes in the next stage of your life ♥

  • neanderpaul  says:

    It’s awesome. Sunshine and palm trees!

  • ed  says:

    I’ve checked the site every few days for the update.
    I’m so glad things are going so awesome for ya.
    The assholes over at the “evil empire” don’t have a clue as
    to what they lost.(or maybe now they do) I, and the rest
    of us here in K.C. will miss your personality and humor for along time to come. I just want to wish you and yours all the best that Arizona has to offer ya. Let me know how the bike rides go in Az!

    Take care, bro.

  • Tyra Alldaffer  says:

    Loved the update!! I’m glad everything is going your way…you waited a loooong time for it all to fall into place. Peace out!!

  • josie  says:

    Welcome to the Valley, Neanderpaul! We like to rock it out here, rain or shine. Well… it’s usually shine 😉
    Dude…. why would you stick your head in the oven when all ya gotta do is stick your head out the door?? Save energy buddy… keep that oven off!
    Actually… you are getting a little, tiny tease of what is to come with these awesome mornings we are having. You are gonna LOVE LOVE LOVE the winter!!
    Rock On!!!

  • Eric  says:


    What the fu*k! Why did 989 let you go? You and Johnny Dare were the best! email me and tell me what happend thats bullshit!!!

  • Mark @ SASS Buchmeier (Dude)  says:

    Paul, you magnificent son of a bitch! I was just sitt’n here
    listen’n to some Brother Zakk and Plan cd’s, thinkin how much I fucking miss you! I used to call and bullshit ya about Bro. Zakk and Dime all the time but ya can’t be expected to remember me. Just know that I genuinly miss ya. I met you with my neice at the station to pick up ozz fest tix, you had yer BLS colors on that day and if I remember right ya had just lost a Dime pin off it! Ring a bell? Any way I am soooooo fucking glad you landed feet first! Probably a better gig anyway! Dude I have an Idea I would like some help pulling off concerning the Ride For Dime comming up this Aug 20th. I fucking thought of you and after Johnny didnt take me seriously I thought maybe you would at least give me a chance, any way it would be cool as fuck hearing yer voice again. E-Mail me if you are even remotely interested or just to say WaZZZuuuPPPP!
    By the way, GO MOTHERFUCK’N CHIEFS! Love Ya Bro!
    SDMF GIFD GETCHA PULL an all that! Bleed For Me ya Stillborn Berserker!

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