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KRXQ Sacramento: Sevendust Plays Live In Studio And Destroys Our Mics

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The fact that this band isn’t bigger than so many who are lesser talents, is a crime.  Plain & Simple. They do it better than most bands. They’re the nicest, most hard-working, kind group of Southern Gentlemen you’d ever want to know. I’m proud to call these guys friends. One of the many fun days I’ve had with the boys from Sevendust.

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KRXQ-Sacramento @ Ozzfest Unedited W/ Papa Roach

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Before becoming Jacoby Shaddix…he was merely a Dick. He rolled up for our interview, on a Segway. Exactly. Gotta give him credit though. He was *way* ahead of everyone else when it came to playing around on one of those things. Now, ever mall-cop in America rolls deep on one. And yes…Coby says bad words during this interview. This is the unedited feed

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