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FMQB Magazine Column

Category: Awards & Press - Neanderpaul Speaks!

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FMQB Magazine 4-11-03

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Ready To Admit It…

Category: Awards & Press - Neanderpaul Speaks!

I was asked in 2004 to comment on the FCC’s crackdown on indecency. At the time, it was probably better I remained anonymous. But now…it can be revealed. The middle paragraph was authored by me. The open & close by my friend John, former writer for HITS Magazine. Click image to read.

I Wrote This For HITS 3-19-04

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The HITS Magazine Files

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Here’s a series of quick posts from HITS Magazine. Click images to read.

HITS Magazine 5-23-03

HITS Magazine 6-27-03

HITS Magazine 3-26-04

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In Memphis…Satan is not funny!

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Listener HateI used to run a recorded bit @ WMFS that was actually a 17-year old kid from Boston who actually happened to be a genius-honor student. The kid knew how to do a creepy/evil voice and I thought it was funny. Amazingly, people believe what they hear on the radio! It was a great bit, and I got tons of press on it. Especially given the fact that the guy who organized the complaint, claimed to be a defense attorney for the “West Memphis Three”

Absolutely true!!!

Oh yeah…scroll down for the fallout and rewards!!!

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FMQB Magazine 11-8-96 pt 1

FMQB Magazine 11-8-96

But wait!….There’s more! Due to this event, I received my first “awards” from the “Friday Morning Quarterback”

FMQB Magazine 12-20-96

And of course…mention one Satanic event…and you’re branded for life!

FMQB Magazine 4-4-97

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Album Network Magazine 11/98

Category: Awards & Press - Neanderpaul Speaks!

Album Network Magazine 11-6-98 This was a blurb from when I got hired in New Orleans @ WCKW. Click image to read

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