Proudest Moment Of My Career!

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So…I’ve been doing radio for going on 28 years. And for the most part, it’s been a goof. I’ve seen every band I’ve ever wanted to see. I’ve had a chance to interview most of ’em. And it’s been a blast.

However…once I had a chance to take part in something special. I mean truly special. I mean a once-in-a-lifetime moment that made a real difference. This is that moment…caught on tape. It was 2005 and I had the chance to thank a soldier. Not just any soldier. But, a local boy from the South Shore of Boston. His name is Sgt. Peter Damon. You may recognize him from the shameless, exploitation of his situation by scumbag-director Michael Moore. If you “google” him, you’ll read his true story.  It suffices to say…the man deserves more than we could ever give. I am more proud of this day, than any I have ever spent.

We were asked by the amazing organization Homes For Our Troops to take part in the very first project of its kind in America.

What you are about to listen to…is just a sample of that day. It is a long file (about an hour)…but IMHO…well worth the listen. Not for my glory. This day wasn’t about me.  I am so glad to have this audio. When I was editing it, it brought back emotions that move me just as much today as they did almost 6 years ago.

Sgt. Damon has gone on to do incredible things.  He is the epitome of an American hero. And I thank him for allowing me the honor of serving his family…if only for one day. Please give this a listen. I think you’ll be touched.