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I did two tours at WAAF. One 2-3 year stretch in the mid-90’s, and a couple more in the mid 2000’s.

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  • Wayne Pratt  says:

    What’s up NeanderPaul?
    I knew you had to be the same NeanderPaul who rocked WAAF(actually…how many NeanderPauls could there be out there?).Listened to that station when I lived in CT.Damn glad to be outta that part of the country. I live in Green Valley and listen to your station through static but it’s worth it….KDKB ROCKS!!
    You were the best dj on WAAF but I got one question for ya. Was the Hillman as much of a dick as he came across on the radio? Worst morning show EVER!! Spaz was the only reason to listen. Anyway….Sludge blows him away! Keep up the good work.Nice to hear ya again. KEEP ROCKING!!

  • neanderpaul  says:

    Hey Wayne!

    Good to reconnect! Love it here in the Valley! Great people! Cannot complain at all. I never really thought of Greg as being a dick. I never really thought of Greg at all. Everyone in radio has their thing, and his works for him. I’d hate to have someone I worked with ripping me a new one. Kinda like shitting on a girlfriend you know? If they were such a bitch, why were you together? Greg was always cool to me. I know he could piss some people off. I’m sure the same has been said about me too!

    Either way, it’s been almost seven years since WAAF…Life is good in Phoenix. I’m glad you’re here & found us!! Thanks for listening!!!

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