“50 Questions” With Allaccess.com

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This is  a series of interviews I’ve done with the online Radio Trade All Access. It’s an online resource for the radio industry that the Music Industry goes to daily for news & information. Every week they do interviews with radio people from stations all over the country. I’ve been asked to do it a few times.  Usually, I’m pretty consistent in my answers. But, there are subtle differences, and new considerations that come out each time.  I’m what they like to call “good copy.” That means they know they’re going to get something provocative. I am what some would call “opinionated.” I blame being from Boston. We all know “those people are so obnoxious!”

I scanned the oldest one, but the others were converted to Word docs. When you click them, your computer will ask if you want to open them with Word. If you’re interested…have at it 🙂

First up…When I was the Music Director/Afternoon Guy for KRXQ – Sacramento

Pg. 1

Allacces KRXQ 1 pg 1Pg. 2

Allacces KRXQ 1 pg 2Pg. 3

Allacces KRXQ 1 pg 3

10 Questions July 2005 From my time as Afternoon Guy @ WAAF Boston

These all come from when I was the Music Director/Afternoon Guy at KQRC Kansas City

10 Questions Sept 2006

10 Questions May 2007

10 Questions May 2009