KRXQ Sacramento: The Final Break (featuring Anthrax)

There are some jobs that meant more to me than others. I made lifelong friends @ KRXQ. Worked with extremely talented people. Some of whom I stay in touch with to this day. I left to take my wife home to Boston to be near her family. It was a decision I have regretted since making it. This was my last shift there and every time I listen, I remember how sad I was. Let’s hug it out bitches!

2 thoughts on “KRXQ Sacramento: The Final Break (featuring Anthrax)”

  1. That was incredibly cool. Maybe you regret it, but look at where you are now. Sandusky in Phoenix. Can’t beat that.

  2. Life happens the way it’s supposed to I guess. I have no complaints. Phoenix is amazing. I love it here.

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