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Second Helping with Neanderpaul

‚ÄúSecond Helping” was my between-jobs podcast that featured music not often heard on the radio.

However, I am actually currently REALLY programming 93.3 KDKB in Phoenix, AZ these days, and have turned “Second Helping” into a feature during my afternoon drivetime show (M-F 3-7P. AZ time). It works like this:

I take time out each day at 3:50P to roll a song from our music library from the past that (for whatever reason) we’ve either moved on from, or didn’t get played and probably deserved to be more well-known…a “lost track” feature to highlight either a song we missed, or turn you on to some stuff we’re not able to plug in regularly.

One of the things I loved when listening to my favorite station growing up, was getting turned on to “new” music. That could be anything from a 30 year-old Tommy Bolin track, to a brand new song from the flavor-of-the-moment.

So, “Second Helping” has evolved. We’ve recently added a weekly hour-long online version that you can check out on-demand anytime. It may even grow further into a nationally syndicated show at some point. Thanks for all the suggestions so far!

Stay Tuned!!!

And if you have a suggestion for the show E-mail me!

Here’s my KDKB E-mail!

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